Our Current Projects Include waste water treatment technology, encryption technology, and news media . Please contact us through our "Contact" page in order to receive more information on any of the projects listed below. 

Avivid Water Technology

Below are a set of videos that explain and demonstrate an electrocoagulation water technology that is groundbreaking in its capacity to prevent anode passivation, which makes the technology competitive in terms of cost with the likes of traditional chemical methods. Electrocoagulation has long been considered one of the most effective industrial wastewater treatment methods in terms of contaminant removal rates, but the problem of anode passivation, in which the anodes become inert after 10 hours, has made maintenance costs so high that it has prevented the technology from being commercially viable until now. The firm has successfully manufactured its first commercial scale reactor and successfully ran the reactor for 30 days straight without having to replace the anodes. This is a major incremental change given that a conventional reactor would have to have its anodes replaced after just 10 hours. 




Our next project introduced below is a state of the art encryption technology that is capable of encrypting text, voice, and video. While other encryption companies do exist, most are only capable of encrypting text and in some cases voice, but the technology that we represent is capable of encrypting text, voice, and video. The company has recently introduced a free B2C application available in the Google (Android) and Apple (Ios) App Stores. In the B2B space SafeSwiss provides white-label services to enterprise customers.  


NewsPrime Network


Another project that we are currently working on is truly unique in that it integrates mass media and social media harmoniously. The firm will essentially operate as a syndicator of content and a clearinghouse of content that prevents aggregators (i.e Yahoo, Huffington Post, etc.) from copying stories released by local media or mass media. One of the ways that the firm will ensure success in creating a platform for content syndication is by an ad revenue share model in which people may capture a video or photo of an event anywhere in the world and upload it to the platform, at which point it is created into a set of stories by a panel of Emmy award winning journalists. The content is then purchasable by a media entity in exchange for ad space with a portion of the revenues from selling that ad space going to the originator of the video/photo of the event. 


With Lithium demand growing due to the demands of climate change (i.e electric cars) and globalization (i.e. phones, laptops, etc.) and current supply unable to satisfy demand, we see Lithium as a promising mineral to invest in the long term.

Precious Metals Projects